Supermarket Replacing A&P in Flanders

Heard it was possibly going to be a Stop and Shop?

Would love to see something besides a Weis, ShopRite or A&P in the area!

CouponLady CouponLady
Mar '11

I heard it was going to Stop and Shop also. But we have been getting Kings flyers in the mall for the past 2 weeks. So is it Kings or Stop and Shop? Stop and Shop would give Shoprite a run for there money. Kings not so sure. Stop and Shop have better deals. Comparable to Shoprite.

Would like to know
Mar '11

I'm for any variety. A Whole Foods would be nice just as a different option. I've only been to the Stop and Shop in Morris Plains a couple times. I know they have good store brand sherbet.

Mar '11

Any idea how quickly we'll see a new one go in?

I really wish they would open a Wegmans closer!

Mommyof3 Mommyof3
Mar '11

A Whole Foods or Trader Joe's would be fantastic

NotaNJNative NotaNJNative
Mar '11

I've heard rumors it was a Kings as well. Never been to one.

Apr '11

If it is a Kings, might as well shut it down now because their prices are even higher than A&P!

donna donna
Apr '11

I'm hoping for Whole Foods, but Wegmans or Kings would be great as well. It's too big to be a Trader Joe's, but that could go in the long-vacant Crafts Galore. I think Stop n Shop would be a disaster. First of all, it's just a regular old grocery store like Shoprite. Nothing to differentiate itself. Yes, Whole Foods, Wegmans and Kings are all more expensive, but those are not the types of places you would do your everyday shopping anyway. They're like big versions of the Marketplace up the road, but less expensive. Remember that value includes price and quality, not just price.

Jason Jason
Apr '11

I just saw a sign yesterday near the A&P that says something like "A Great New Supermartket Coming Soon" but i didn't see a name or anything. Anyone hear anything recently about what's going in there?

Haven't heard anything yet, but I hope they have triple coupon days whoever they are :)

I'm getting tired of Shoprite. I think that we need a new grocery store that shakes things up a little bit.

It's not fair that the south gets all the good groceries! (ie. Whole Foods)

Apr '11

It's a stop and shop, with the expansion of 10,00sq. Ft to back of Store! Extra footage is for pea pod, their home delivery/ Internet store!

is it open yet?

icicle icicle
Apr '11

Home delivery would be amazing! Anything to avoid the pain and suffering of visiting a grocery store.

Apr '11


If it is Stop n Shop, they'll be out of business within 3 years. As for those stating it's all about price (and apparently nothing else), you're being short-sighted. Yes, price is important, but quality is even more important. Would you rather go to Disney World or Great Adventure? My point is you can't look at price as a litmus test. Kings, Wegmans and Whole Foods are all more expensive but the quality is far superior than that of Stop n Shop or Shoprite. If I were this town's government, I'd be offering a tax incentive to a high end store like Kings, Wegmans or Whole Foods. A low-end "regular" store like Stop n Shop or Price Chopper will only drag down the quality of the town even further. A high-end store would be a REAL anchor in that mall to bring in other high end stores and fill the vacancies. Low-end stores attract only bargain hunters and do nothing to bring this town "up". This is about much more than just price.

Jason Jason
Apr '11

Do you seriously think a high end store like Whole Foods wants to be in a strip mall with Tractor Supply?

I also wouldn't consider a brand new renovated and expanded Stop & Shop to be low-end. In this economy, people can't afford to do the bulk of their shopping at places like Whole Foods and Kings. If people are only going in to pick up one or two high quality items once in awhile, then how could they survive any more than any other store?

Tracy Tracy
Apr '11

It will not be Whole Foods. Stop & Shop is better than Shoprite as their deli and meat departments far exceed Shoprite's and their organic brand is a better quality. Wegman's would be the best of all but the store might be to small based on Wegman's that I have been in.

Still wish it was going to be a Trader Joe's with beer and wine.....

blackcat blackcat
May '11

Somebody say beer? :)

Calico696 Calico696
May '11

i just got bumped down to part time a month ago, i work for a&p and the chapter 11 issue is getting worse, so if anyone can give me som info on whats going on. just be on the lookout for me,i am interested in becoming a butcher apprentice

tom casserly tom casserly
May '11

I have heard of a supermarket called Bottom dollar is looking to expand in NJ, they have alot of PA stores. Their prices are unreal even better than Shope Rite price breaks.

Stop & Squat replaced the A&P in East Brunswick and one thing I can tell you is price does make a difference because nobody is willing to paid the higher prices at stop and squat that store is always empty the day before thanksgiving was a ghost town and the A&P in Old Bridge was very busy and many of the old EB shoppers now shop at OB and complain about Stop & Squat

Michaell Michaell
Dec '11

My husband and I would LOVE to see a Wegmans there. Tired of having to drive to Bridgewater for the best supermarket ever!

Trader Joe's is my vote --- need access to two buck chuck!

Re: Supermarket Replacing A&P in Flanders

Bottom Dollar Foods is a small limited assortment format store... very similar to an Aldi grocery store... if you remember the Food Basics that took over the old A&P at the bottom of Hackettstown Mtn...very similar... they have no deli or bakery...and they feature ads that offer some items at low prices...there are several in south Jersey...and the Lehigh Valley...Bottom Dollar Foods is owned by Food Lion

oldman oldman
Jan '12

Two buck chuck is now $3...last time I was at a TJ's with wine/beer.

blackcat blackcat
Feb '12

Two buck chuck has always been $2, $3, or $4 depending on the market it's being sold in. I'm surprise it's not $3, $4, or $5 everywhere at this point.

Chris Chris
Feb '12

so what is going in there???

mammadone mammadone
Feb '12

nothing yet! no one is onboard yet.

Whole foods has a webpage and you can put in a request for a store to open in your location if anyone is interested in doing that.

Its going to be another weis :)

Feb '12

As of today there are NO PLANS for any grocery store chain to take over that space. The property is still available for rent and owners have NOT been approaced by ANY corporations to set up shop there. :)

janet janet
Feb '12

Janet - The people working in Mt. Olive's building dept. said Weis was taking over the space. Are they wrong?

Feb '12

Lets go with Wegmans or Whole foods we need some class with health options we want Wegmans or Whole Foods

Flo C Hillyard Flo C Hillyard
Feb '12

I heard Weis was going in that space, they wanted to expand the square footage & the building dept wouldnt let them, so they backed out.

sandie sandie
Mar '12

the sign advertising a supermarket has been there since the day a and p closed. I hope it is a wegmans. But Weiss does have the best bakery ever

oldtimer oldtimer
Mar '12

Brian... Weis did have an interest in that space but for some unknown reason, they are no longer interested in that space. So, as for now, that bldg remains unrented.

Anthony Anthony
Mar '12

I work at a Kings, in Mendham, and the bright side would be if it was in flanders, thats closer to me, but their prices are high but its worth it at times, we have quality food and coffee and soup and deli, i work in the deli, its not so bad.

Catherine Catherine
Apr '12

A&P is actually taking over the spot again, since they are out of Bankrutcy

Any new rumors on this?

Joe M Joe M
Apr '12

A Whole Foods or Trader Joe's would be great!!
Although that whole shopping center could use a face-lift, it has no life…

Marti Gonzalez Marti Gonzalez
May '12

I heard the mall will be sold at auction, so I am guessing that nothing will happen until that is settled.

allamerican allamerican
Jul '12


Foreclosure Listing: Sutton Plaza, Mount Olive, NJ

Status: ( Open ) Auction appears to be pending.



Docket #:


Writ of Execution Date:



Bank Attorney:

McCarter & English 973-622-4444



Mr Negative Mr Negative
Jul '12

Hoping for a Whole Foods Market!!!

Janice Janice
Aug '12

Trader Joe's, Whole Foods or Wegman's would all be welcome.

TJ, wholefoods - I would love a health-driven food store in the area. Also, the surrounding clientel (Chester, Long Valley, and Randolph)would support such a store.

Michael Michael
Sep '12

the mall from h&r block to the old a&p need a whole lot of repair-vacant stores full of broken ceiling tiles from water damage and peeling paint.

Oct '12

they are the same owners as the ledgewood mall.. that should explain it! Morons I would have these malls filled in a month.. Any rent is better then No rent!

Mr Negative Mr Negative
Oct '12

Anyone have any idea on the outcome of the foreclosure procedings?

Armstrong Realty's web page actually lists Weis an a tenant.

I believe it was reported that Weis was negotiating but I have to wonder if this is old information.

Like others, I was hoping for a Trader Joe's, Whole Foods type of store.

Weis listed must be a mistake. If it isn't, it should be. Wasn't Weis located where the Shoprite is? Weis failed in the area. Why would they come back? No lessons learned?
Trader Joe's and Whole Foods are nice but not places I would frequently visit.

Oct '12

Oh, I would LOVE it if Whole Foods moved into that space! We need a store like that around here.

Mindy Mindy
Nov '12

that would be great if it was a Trader Joes!

Gypsy mom
Nov '12

It is in fact going to be a Weis. Mayor Greenbaum confirmed on his facebook page. Some speculate it may open by next summer.

I guess it is going to be Weis

FlandersResident FlandersResident
Mar '13

There are rumors of Trader Joe's going in next to Forte's on Route 10.

Apr '13

Trader Joe's Please!

KMcNeil KMcNeil
Apr '13

I hope it's gonna be a Trader Joe's

Stephanie W. Stephanie W.
May '13

They are working in the old A&P store, who is taking it over

Jul '13

I think it is Weis.

Sep '13

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